Energy Healing




This is a site is  where you can find information in Reiki Practices, and make an appointment.
Reiki is a natural "hands on" healing method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation.
Reiki is not meant as a substitute for medical,psychological, diagnosis and treatment.
Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions,nor perform medical treatment,prescribe substance,or interfere with the treatment of a licensed professional.
Reiki should not compete with the medical doctors and their treatments.
Reiki is meant to compliment medical treatment.
It is recommended you see a licensed professional health care for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.

Please use the guestbook to make your appointment.Put the time you wish in the comment box with your email address. or phone number.

Monday through Friday  between 6pm and 9pm.

I will get back to you asap.

How can Reiki assist me?

Relieve the symptoms of…
acute pain
chronic pain 

Restore the physical body before or after:
pregnancy and childbirth
accidents and injuries
chronic wounds

Stabilize symptoms in chronic debilitating diseases such as:
high blood pressure

Relax and restore the emotional and mental bodies during or after periods of:
acute situational stress
critical incident stress
chronic stress 

What happens to me during a session?

What do I have to do? You need to do nothing more than rest in a comfortable position for the duration of the session. You will  lay, fully clothed, on a massage table, while the practitioner does the work. The practitioner will move their hands over you to various position holding them there for several minutes allowing the energy to flow into your body. Often this can be done without even touching the body, but sometimes, and only with your permission will the practitioner actually rest their hands on an affected area to maximize the flow of Energy to that location. Some people actually fall asleep during a session and afterwards most people feel a profound sense of peace and relaxation that may last for several days.

How many sessions are necessary?

This varies greatly from person to person as each condition is unique. Some people have had complete relief with one or two session. Others with chronic conditions may require multiple sessions over many months. In all cases, you are the one who decides. The effects of Reiki are cumulative, with each successive session building on the effects from the last session that you have. I recommend at least two with a week of each other. After that once a month or every third week depending on the client.